Best Strategies For Playing Slot Games

Everybody’s an expert until you really need one. Here are some true tips by real experts to help you make the most of your time on video slot games.

There are lots of gambling tips and strategies offered online when it comes to slot games. In this post, you will find the real deal when it comes to advice on how to play, where to play, where not to play, and so on. Whether your main objective is to have fun, make some extra spending money, or both – these helpful hints should serve you well.

Where Not to Play

Don’t waste your time on airport video slot games. They used to call slot machines “one armed bandits” and in the case of these video slots, it is still true. These are the most notorious of all video slot games. If you’re on your way to the casino, just hold your money until you get there. Not only will your chances of winning improve but your money will last longer.

Take Your Time

Your bankroll will last longer the less money you put in every hour. Slow down. Enjoy yourself. Take a few sips of your drink, talk to the gamblers next-door. Some crazy players bang out 600+ spins every hour. And while that’s great for them, it only serves to not only chisel away at their bankroll but bring more opportunities to the house edge. And the house has plenty of opportunities to whittle away your hard-earned cash, so why make it easier for them by playing fast and furious. Take time to appreciate the sounds and amazing graphics and special effects that accompany most games today.

Give Video Poker a Shot

While all the spinning reels and bells and whistles are fun and exciting, the payout percentage is better on video poker machines. There’s more strategy involved as well. Granted, not everyone can play poker well. But many players who used to prefer video slot games, once they tried video poker, made the switch and stayed there.

Devise a Budget and Stick to It

Unless you have untold riches, it’s advisable to set up a budget. Don’t gamble your life savings. Don’t gamble away the rent money. Decide how much you can afford to lose. Everybody plans on winning but in reality, that should not be part of the reasoning behind the budget that you set up. If you’re going to spend a few days gambling, decide on how much you can spend each day and, when that is gone, it’s time to go home for the day. And one more little piece of advice that falls under money won and lost – quit while you’re ahead. If you win a big fat jackpot, cash out. Go home. Too many people win big and then just end up giving it all back to the house.

Progressive Jackpots

As popular as they are, progressive jackpots aren’t necessarily all they’re cracked up to be. Granted, winning one could be a life-changing experience, but the chances aren’t very good. Read here. You can have more fun and spend less money on slot machines with lower jackpots. The winnings are smaller but there are more opportunities for winning. Those rare, massive jackpots are, admittedly, extremely attractive. But they can be because they seldom pay out. It’s a little like winning the lottery – it would be great, but chances are… not so much.

Join the Club

Gambling establishments frequently offer their regular patrons the opportunity for awards, rebates, and loyalty bonuses through a slots club. It’s not a bad idea to join one if you plan on doing a reasonable amount of gambling. You simply insert the card that they give you into the machine and it tracks how much money and time you spent at the casino. Rewards can be anything from entertainment and travel benefits to food and rebates. And any nonsense that you hear about machines paying less if a club card is inserted should be ignored.

Just Have Fun

As mentioned earlier, don’t go in expecting to win. Hope and be glad for the occasional win but set your goal along the lines of having fun, rather than winning millions. You can’t beat the house. It has a mathematical edge. Expect to lose, that way you can be shocked and excited when you don’t. This is supposed to be a form of entertainment – not a way to pay the bills.

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